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About Digital Art / Hobbyist KazimerusFemale/United States Group :iconall-fans-animemanga: All-fans-AnimeManga
welcome all fans :3
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United States
A couple of my friends have been bugging me forever to get a Deviantart, and i finally gave in and got one, so here I am, and welcome to my page!

I'm not very active on my account and don't usually upload a lot of pictures as the digital pictures take me an extremely long time, but i try and upload as much as i can. However I never really have any finalized work or anything that is worthy to upload most of the time. Art for me is just a hobby and lately i have had barely any time to draw.

*Comments are very appreciated. I really like feedback on my art and would love to improve. And I try my best to reply to every comment i receive but sometimes i just don't get around to it.

Also if you have any tips on using Photoshop and Sai, feel free to let me know! I'm self taught and always would love to know more tricks to these programs.

Sorry i am no longer accepting requests or commissions at this time


Seems like my pretty old tablet finally had enough and has stopped working the majority of the time. (been doing this for a while now) 
Half the time my computer won't even recognize it anymore and the other times i can move the pen around but can't click on anything and other times pen pressure straight up refuses to work. It still does work perfectly fine very sporadically though, strangely enough. 
Still not sure if it's the tablet or the computer as i have no other computers to test it on currently. 
Also never ended up fixing my laptop. Currently held together by tape (which is working better than i thought it would), but it's still going strong despite half the screen almost about to fall off.  Shrug
Akihito Youmu by Kazimerus
Akihito Youmu
Decided to use this as a test piece to try a new style of coloring that uses blending unlike what i was doing previously. 
Probably spent more time playing around with the brush settings than actually working on it.
Art by me, Kazimerus
Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) © Tomoyo Kamori & Nagomu Torii
Tokyo Ghoul - Kakuja by Kazimerus
Tokyo Ghoul - Kakuja
Old doodle from way back in May that i finally colored after forgetting about it on my computer for months. 
Found it after backing up and deleting a bunch of my files. 
I remember when i drew this, this is not at all what i intended to draw at all but somehow i ended up with Kaneki's centipede form from the anime. 
Still disappointing that that episode wasn't made very well. It's a great scene in the manga. 
Art by me, Kazimerus
Tokyo Ghoul © Sui Ishida 
Life on Hold...
Had to make a gif for a class i'm taking this semester called "Digital Imaging" 
We weren't supposed to use anything from the internet and the majority of it had to either be our own artwork or photography and it had to "comment on something that feels unending to you" and i chose to do this. 
I originally just had the loading symbols but my professor suggested i add more to it so i added flashing messages.
Part of the reason i chose to do this was i was basing it around minimal movement   *cough*    ex. the character not moving at all     

And ironically enough, this took about 10 minutes to upload because my internet is so slow! And also the loading bar looks exactly the same, but green. Oh the irony. 
Commission for xxcloudxninexx by Kazimerus
Commission for xxcloudxninexx
Commission for xxCloudxNinexx
She wanted the characters Rin and Sheimi from the series Blue Exorcist baking a cake together and was very specific with poses. 
Hope you like. 

Art by me, Kazimerus 
Idea credit: :iconxxcloudxninexx:

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It doesn't technically "spam" them per say, but when people have conversations in comments anyone can view them and then a piece of artwork ends up having hundreds of comments not relevant to the actual picture. Notes are more of a private message system specifically meant for chatting.
It's more a personal preference really, conversations in comments are nice sometimes but if it's a really long ongoing conversation, i would prefer the person to send me a note or just move the conversation there.
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